Complex Cogeneration

The specialists of the company developed a set of combined energy conversion.

One of the major issues facing the modern experts, is the question of efficient energy redistribution in time derived from renewable sources. load schedule is uneven relationship with a lot of factors that determine its shape. The solution to this difficult problem can be found in the following options based on renewable energy sources operating modes:

  • work in parallel with the grid network in the maximum output;
  • under-utilization of renewable sources of energy by the dissipation of excess energy;
  • adjustment process of energy consumption by the manufacturing process;
  • the combined use of several sources of renewable energy, to ensure the required mode of consumption;
  • accumulation of excess energy during periods of peak arrival of renewable energy and efficiency in times of minima, ie, storage.

Of these latter two modes are most energy satisfy the quality requirements. The combined use of several sources of renewable energy, in comparison with the accumulation of a rather powerful energy system is more preferable in terms of capital investment and operating costs. large capacity storage systems require the use of safety systems of increased complexity, as the release of energy in a large quantity can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Improved reliability of the local power supply system of the consumer can be ensured by the inclusion of the highly traditional generating sources of natural gas, the cleanest fossil fuel in terms of ecology.

Schematic diagram KKPE

The installed capacity of conventional generating stations comparable with the maximum load of the consumer, which ensures uninterrupted power supply to consumers in any extreme and force majeure conditions.

Such a scheme of work and energy complex allows you to build the most flexible schedules maintenance and repair of power equipment, without prejudice to the consumer.

Preliminary calculations show that when used in combination of a gas turbine plant, the economic effect could be between 14 to 20%. Thus, the number of hours of use of installed capacity per year for an average strip of Russia is: for wind power plants - 3000 hours for the sun - 2500 hours. Average fuel consumption amount in the gas turbine plant is 173.3, the standard fuel / kWh, a decrease of 163.6 goe / kWh than the average value for the purposes of RAO UES of Russia, which is equal to 339 9, the standard fuel / kWh. If only such proportion of renewable energy sources like the sun and wind power complex in declared capacity will be 50%, the consumption of the fuel component in the cost of 1 kWh of energy will amount to 149.2 g of equivalent fuel.

The complex combination of energy conversion


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