Wave power

HESC Group designed wave power (Wave power) which is designed for converting the energy of sea waves into electricity. Wave power peculiarity is that in addition to power generation, it provides protection for the coast, and coastal structures from the adverse impact of storms.

The design and nature of the work of the basic technological elements of the station is based on the use of appropriate interaction and reflected waves. For practical realization of the project developed a process flow diagram for the production and arrangement of bank protection structures using reference cell bills, which allows you to quickly and efficiently generate significant amounts of engineering structures on the water, coastal areas and offshore.

Wave power design patented in the Russian Federation and has good prospects for patenting in other countries.

Research and development work carried out for more than 5 years. To verify the design performance and design test was made a prototype of a functional unit of the plant - a hinged landing stage, as well as designed and manufactured equipment for testing in the nautical basin. Conducted more than 72 prototype testing cycles. Research trials were conducted in the Central Research Institute named after Academician Krylov St.Petersburg. The results are reflected in the minutes and published in the report on the research work. The test results confirmed the efficiency of the model allowed to obtain baseline data for the creation of fundamentally new generator, a working model which is designed and manufactured jointly with the Scientific-Production Enterprise "Erg" Kaluga. Generator type and design specifications have no analogues in Russia and the CIS.

Working model of the generator is tested on a special stand NPP "Erg" and has the required input values for the test as part of an experimental model Wave power excitement mode. Generator Tests were carried out in February 2009. During the tests confirmed its technical characteristics, peculiarities to improve design, increase efficiency, as well as other functional properties to significantly improve the design Wave power.

Currently, developed a new design of the generator, it produces two different types models, which are planned to be tested in October and December 2010. Planned test pattern generator as part of the wave stations are required to obtain data characterizing the technical features for different parameters of wave action.

Plan and test methods developed with the participation of experts Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute and may be held during a calendar month. If the test result will be confirmed by the design characteristics of the design, the wave station may be the first known prototype EDF, able to work under rough sea of different sea state with the same high capacity factor energy flow.

Wave power is the main power module hydropower complex, the concept of which was developed and patented by HESC Group. This scheme involves the combined use of renewable energy sources like solar, wind and wave to produce electricity in a single complex with a traditional generating station. Barrage is located along the coastline, on the slightly off, in addition to power generation can meet the challenges for the protection of the coastline, embankments settlements, jetties, ports infrastructure, resort and entertainment tourist facilities on the coast from the negative impact of storms. In addition, the complex includes a plant for desalination of sea water and the system allows you to dispose of sewage. Thus, the use of hydro allows you to create on the coast of the special recreation facilities with high environmental properties.

The specialists of the company developed a method of determining the energy potential of the sea. On the basis of the Unified State System of information on the world's oceans evaluated the energy of the Black Sea coast of Russia. So, one kilometer wavefront can carry annually 30 mln. KWh of energy. Creating a coastal multifunctional marine complexes that combine the functions of protective structures with a support structure to accommodate the power plants is economically advantageous. As a protective structure, hydropower complex reduces the negative impact of sea waves on the shore facilities, generates electricity, and also allows you to use the investment attractiveness of coastal zones.

Artificial bay formed in the course of implementation of such projects, can be used to create a yacht and katernyh sites, objects related to the resort and tourism business, infrastructure, ports, etc. An example of high commercial component can be pre-feasibility study "Multifunctional Complex Sea", where Hydro is a key segment.


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