November 4, 2016 HESC Group held a meeting with the mayor of Puerto Lopez, and Facundo Necochea Port Keken president Arturo Rojas (located in Puerto Necochea), the Institute and the Agency g.Tandil planners Argentina.

During the meeting a presentation of the technology was conducted and discussed our technical and commercial proposal for the integrated development of the city of Necochea and protection Keken port.

On the Argentine side was met with high interest in the construction of our systems in the context of the protection of port Keken, coastal infrastructure of the resort town of Puerto Necochea and supply power of 10 mW.

As a result of the negotiations HESC Group and mayor of Puerto Necochea Facundo Lopez agreed on further cooperation for the study of the project by joint efforts in the working group of the City Hall of Puerto Necochea, management Porta Keken, g.Tandil Institute, Russia's trade representative in Argentina and Agency planners Argentina.