On the Black sea coast a working prototype of the wave power transformer "WAVE HUNTER" is installed, of the installed capacity 10 kW on 1:2.5 scale. The scale was selected to simulate the action of the maximum storm on the structure.

Innovation Promotion Fund Grant

The first stage is completed.

On December 22, 2016, there was signed a contract with the Federal State Funded Institution Innovation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere (Promotion Fund Grant) for granting a grant to HESC Group to carry out work on the subject:...

Within the framework of the International Exhibition "NEVA-2017" HESC Group a project in the field of clean energy "Coastal energy complex with functions of protecting the shoreline from storm impacts"

On May 26, representatives of the HESC Group and a delegation from Argentina visited the delegation of Argentina consisting of the Municipality of Necochea, the University of the Buenos Aires Provincial Center (UNICEN) in Gelendzhik, Blue Bay, where the management of HESC Group demonstrated a prototype of the wave energy Damper.

The Argentine delegation consisting of: Facundo Lopez and Gisela Danagri-Municipality of Necochea; Marcelo Aba is the Vice-Rector of the University of Buenos Aires (UNICEN); Gaston Dreyer and Gonzalo Fried, the director of Elektrogen, at the invitation of HESC Group, arrived to discuss research and organizational and economic cooperation in the des...

Development of HESC Group intends to build a complex of protective structures in the ocean, at a distance of 2 km from the coast, which will simultaneously use the energy of ocean waves. Thus, there will be a quiet bay with flowing ocean water, capable of taking ocean yachts from around the world, and providing themselves with clean electricity.

. Peter the Great together with the National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires (UNICEN) in the field of renewable energy, plan to sign a memorandum of cooperation in joint research on the project of HESC Group "Protection and Energy"

On March 2, a videoconference dedicated to the development of economic, scientific and educational ties between Russia and Argentina was held at the Russian Trade Representative in Buenos Aires.

HESC Group held a meeting with the mayor of Puerto Lopez and Facundo Necochea Port Keken president Arturo Rojas, the Institute and the Agency g.Tandil planners Argentina.

HESC Group held a meeting with the Governor of the province of Santa Cruz, Ms. Alicia Kirchner, and the Institute for Energy of the province of Santa Cruz in the capital city of Rio Gallegos.

Hydro Energy Special Construction Group of Companies took part in the 12 th Intergovernmental Commission Russia – Argentina

Hydro Energy Special Construction Group of Companies it participated in the delegation, First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Gleb Nikitin during his visit to South America

Hydro Energy Special Construction Group of Companies we were invited to the delegation participated in the Argentine investment business forum

Resident Fund "Skolkovo" - Hydro Energy Special Construction Group feels protective wave power plant, which is planned to put in the Crimea

One of the main environmental problems of Yevpatoriya - protecting the coast from the destruction and preservation of sandy beaches.

Director-General Hydro Energy Special Construction Group Vladimir Egurnov was awarded a commemorative medal

Relevant work is continuing in the pool Krylov State Research Center.

From 24 to 27 September 2013 in St. Petersburg hosted the 12th International Exhibition on shipping, shipbuilding and ocean and shelf development "NEVA-2013"

From 8 to 13 May held a visit to Malta delegation Hydro Energy Special Construction Group of Companies