The Argentine delegation consisting of: Facundo Lopez and Gisela Danagri-Municipality of Necochea; Marcelo Aba is the Vice-Rector of the University of Buenos Aires (UNICEN); Gaston Dreyer and Gonzalo Fried, the director of Elektrogen, at the invitation of HESC Group, arrived to discuss research and organizational and economic cooperation in the design and construction of coastal energy complexes of HESC Group based on wave energy of the ocean off the coast of Argentina.


During the visit to St. Petersburg on May 23, the Argentine delegation together with the representatives of HESC Group visited the Krylov State Research Center, where they discussed joint research questions in the town of Necochea, Buenos Aires province located on the shore of the resort riviera of the Atlantic coast Argentina. 



In the afternoon, the partners visited the complex of defensive structures (culverts and navigational facilities), which ran across the Gulf of Finland from Bronka to Sestroretsk, where the head of the IT department Drugachuk Dmitry Alexandrovich told all about the protective structures and conducted a tour of the dam.



On May 24, the Argentine delegation together with the representatives of HESC Group took part in the international forum of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, where they discussed the clear goals and objectives, the prospects for the development of the HESC Group project with the support of companies from both the Russian and the Argentine side.



Vice-rector of UNICEN, Dr. Marcelo ABA, delivered a speech on the internationalization of higher education in Latin America, the history of the university and its achievements, after which the representatives of the SPbPU international services conducted an excursion along the campus of the Polytechnic University to the honorable guests with a visit to the Research Corpus and SEC "Renewable types of energy And installation on their basis. "



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