On May 26, representatives of the HESC Group and a delegation from Argentina visited the delegation of Argentina consisting of the Municipality of Necochea, the University of the Buenos Aires Provincial Center (UNICEN) in Gelendzhik, Blue Bay, where the management of HESC Group demonstrated a prototype of the wave energy Damper.



After demonstrating the prototype wave energy damper, Russian and Argentinean partners held a meeting where they discussed the further development of the energy complex in Necochea, the province of Buenos Aires, reached mutual agreements by signing the Protocol on both sides.



Further, Russian and Argentinean partners held an official meeting with the Mayor's Office of Gelendzhik. Representatives of the mayor's office presented Gelendzhik in all its beauty.

According to one of the oldest legends, the name of the resort Gelendzhik is translated as "the city of a white bride".

It is associated with the legend of beauties - proud fervent women, who were taken from the ancient Greek trading colony to Turkish harems. The classic of Russian literature Alexander Kuprin wrote at the beginning of the last century: "From the name of Gelendzhik, which translates as" The White Bride ", it blew a colorful language of Eastern poetry, something snatched directly from" Song-Songs "of King Solomon. And the city itself is like a bride: all is sinking in the white gardens of flowering pears, apples, almonds and apricots. "

The image of the bride is associated with the brightest dreams, the purity of thoughts, the beginning of a new life, the belief in happiness. This image is very symbolic for Gelendzhik, a city with which millions of Russians and guests from near and far abroad have the most romantic and kind memories.

Also, representatives of the mayor's office conducted an excursion along the waterfront in Gelendzhik, for the mayor of Necochea a presentation of cultural sites in Gelendzhik was held, as well as plans and development of the city.



At the end of their visit, representatives of HESC Group and the Argentine delegation arrived at the administration, where they discussed and established socio-economic and cultural ties between the two cities and cooperation within the framework of the coastal energy complex project.



As a result of visiting the cities of Russia, the Argentine delegation, namely the Mayor of Necochea Facundo Lopez and the Vice-Rector of the University of the Buenos Aires Province Center (UNICEN) Marcelo Aba expressed great gratitude to HESC Group for a warm, iridescent and very fruitful reception in Russia.